Still Hunkerin’ Doon

This festive season has been all very odd and we will each have had different experiences, joys and sorrows, plans turned upside down, people and places missed.  We fortunate ones will list the good things that happened in spite of disruption and more than likely find thinking space to count our blessings while acknowledging that it hasn’t been the … Continue reading Still Hunkerin’ Doon


When a friend enquired recently if I was managing to keep cheery, I admit to a slight hesitation before responding because it would be stretching it a bit to put that label on my modus operandi during this September. That momentary introspection highlighted a particular pre-occupation which justifies a less than cheerful mindset, stemming principally … Continue reading Cheery


Dictionary definitions of Order are numerous, but the one coming to mind first is that which we associate with its close counterpart Law. Another is to give an authorised instruction to do something. Interesting to consider whether it is easier to maintain the first if everyone pays attention to the next, but that fails to … Continue reading Order


Classic scholars may know Heraclitus is attributed with informing us that change is the only constant in life, so admitting that I frequently change my mind is no shame.  If such an observation was made by an ancient Greek philosopher, it will do me. My Granny in her wisdom and flexibility to adapt to the many changes she encountered, … Continue reading Change


How long should it take for a guilty conscience to dissipate and allow the perpetrator self-exoneration, taking comfort from the rational that no real harm was done and no criminal proceedings resulted? An unblemished record has prevailed until now. A calico drawstring laundry bag, put to very good use for nearly thirty years, has the … Continue reading Bags


Bridging the gap between total lockdown and the freedom to meet with people from another household, albeit outdoors and maintaining social distance, brings a mix of conflicting emotions. The joy of seeing in person those sorely missed for weeks while resisting the strongest instinctive urge to hug, is bittersweet, to put it mildly. Having listened … Continue reading Bridges


Maps, atlases, globes, Google Maps and satellite navigation each have their uses and characteristics, but all serve the purpose of illustrating where we are locally, countrywide or globally. Each has a level of usefulness relative to accuracy and ability of the user to process and apply the information for his or her particular purpose. Early … Continue reading Maps


From time to time there is an advantage to taking time to reflect, time to take stock and to ponder on whether time really does fly past faster than it used to. An advantage of being #vulnerableage is having a long lifetime upon which to ponder! In my first blog post Good Intentions, I was … Continue reading Time


Masks – how topical and controversial, if medical grade PPE and face coverings are the issue. Is this the first time in recorded history or in living memory that hiding behind something has become such a bone of contention? Is the mask supply adequate? Is the grade appropriate? Do those who should have them, have … Continue reading Masks


Several advantages of reaching #vulnerableage have already been identified, but the connections we can now make are benefiting all ages, provided they are privileged enough to have the facility and ability to join in. With the birthday celebrations, the virtual lunches and coffee mornings, not to mention the offices, classrooms or even just the chats, … Continue reading Connection